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Join the world in celebrating the Annual BREAKING WEEK!



A week dedicated to celebrating the dance, art, sport, history, culture, community - essentially the joy of all things Breaking! It is the first time breakers around the world will be celebrating the dance - to bring attention to their culture. This media attention will allow you to show how big the dance has become, and will be following the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.



Annually, during the week of October 1st through October 7th!


Who Should Celebrate and Participate in BREAKING WEEK?

You! Everyone! Seriously, all breakers, breaking educators, and anyone who is interested or has a passion for the dance, the culture, the music, and sharing it with the next generation of youth. 


What can I do to celebrate BREAKING WEEK?

Anything and everything breaking. Try posting a TikTok video of you/friends breaking, post a poem about your passion for the dance, sing a song about the artform, hold an event, post a sign of support, have an after-school program. Small or Large, it is all needed. How will you celebrate BREAKING WEEK? Let us know here!


Where do I post my celebration of BREAKING WEEK?

Please post your celebration activity on Instagram and all your social media channels, #breakingweek, #breakingweek2023 by the 8th of October, annually. Watch social media blow up with Breakin with comments, videos, stories, photos, etc.


Can I get help to come up with ideas to celebrate BREAKING WEEK?

Scroll down for FREE resources we developed to make this turnkey. If you don’t see what you need, let us know at


Let’s bring the greatest media attention and maximize global impact together!


Why Participate in BREAKING WEEK?

  • Inspire and bring the entire GLOBAL breaking community together

  • Increase new dancer/athlete participation in the space 

  • Bring media attention to a coordinated celebration among the global breaking community


Why was BREAKING WEEK created?

Breaking is long overdue and equally deserving of acknowledgement and celebration annually with a dedicated holiday like many other activities. With the world focused on BREAKING WEEK, YOU can serve the attention as a springboard to launch and build your business and support your passion by networking in your community. Join in the FREE celebration!


Why create BREAKING WEEK now?

We are headed into the 2024 Paris Olympics, and we need to take advantage of the window of opportunity while all the world’s eyes are on our dance.

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