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It is around the corner and the breaking community needs to get ready!


Break Dancing is in the Paris 2024 Olympics.


Are you ready for the peak interest?

Are you ready for the growth in breakers?

Are you ready for new revenue streams coming into the breaking community?


No fret. Breaking 2 Business Conference (B2B) has your back.


B2B is the conference where the community will get together, to learn best practices from experts within the community as well as those working in amateur and professional sports organizations.

If you are a studio owner, trainer, dance- entrepreneur, B2B is for you!

The Breaking2Business (B2B) Conference will hold 3 online-only mini conferences leading up to the Paris 2024 Games.


The topics and dates:

  1. Music Licensing for camps, studios, competitions - January 30, 2024 at 7pm to 7:45pm EST. Rsvp deadline January 24th.

  2. Event management for promoters/operators - April 24, 2024, 8am to 8:45am EST rsvp deadline April 19th.

  3. Sponsorship - building a sponsorship deck - July 15, 2024, 7pm to 7:45pm EST rsvp deadline July 9th


Zoom link for all calls will be provided prior to each session, once you register for the session(s).


Since we have a website where we house all the resources that are free to download and use, we have costs associated with the hosting and URL address. Thus, each session will cost $5.00 to attend. This will help with some of the expenses, but not all.

This is an opportunity to bring the community together and walk away with skills. We hope you join us.


Sign up for the conference here:




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